Satellite Transponder Guide

We are pleased to introduce the new Satellite Transponder Guide Online.

The Satellite Transponder Guide is the most comprehensive resource on North American transponders
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NEW! The Online Satellite Transponder Guide brings you the same great information, with added benefits:

  • Instant Access: you can access the most up-to-date satellite information. That data is updated 6 times a year.
  • Relevancy: Stay on top of the most recent industry developments with the latest information
  • Interactive Features: search the operators, look for a specific service provider, browse interactive satellite footprints by band or region.


Satellite Transponder Guide is an indispensable resource for all satellite/communications decision makers, giving you the most current information available:

  • Satellite transponder designation
  • Downlink polarity, channel number, frequency
  • Encryption and compression information
  • Owner/Lessee information
  • Key technical information from our editors about each satellite

Satellite Transponder Guide is printed twice a year - PLUS updated online six times a year. The new online Satellite Transponder Guide brings you the same great information, with added benefits, and with the ease of an interactive experience.
Satellite Transponder Guide also includes audio subcarrier listings, Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) audio listings, carrier access / booking phone numbers and a convenient orbital slot chart.

Satellite Transponder Guide features a comprehensive Digital video/audio service section with all locked DVB-S, Digicipher II and cutting edge DVB-S2 services listed by satellite, frequency, symbol rate and the services contained in each digital signal
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