Satellite Industry Directory

We are pleased to introduce the new Online Satellite Industry Directory.

As always, the Satellite Industry Directory remains an indispensable resource for all satellite/communications decision makers.

NEW! The Online Satellite Industry Directory brings you the same great information, with added benefits:

  • Instant Access: you can access the most up-to-dte satellite information as soon as it is posted.
  • Relevancy: Stay on top of the most recent industry developments with the latest information
  • Interactive Features: search the operators, look for a specific service provider or a specific region, browse interactive satellite footprints by band or region.


The same great information - plus the ease of an interactive experience!

Comprehensive satellite operator profiles are 100% verified and updated. The profiles are completely indexed so you can search by operator, satellite system, or geography.

Within each profile, you'll find Operator Data, including:

  • Complete contact Information
  • Key personnel ("C-level" titles, engineering, etc.)
  • Company overview
  • Services offered
  • Satellite control information (TT&C, satellite control centers)

Satellite data and technical characteristics for all commercial satellites, including:

  • Satellite names (past and current)
  • Orbital location and coverage areas
  • Launch data and launch vehicle
  • Spacecraft make and model
  • Mass, primary power, stabilization
  • Expected lifetime
  • Comprehensive transponder data

Transponder frequency charts include satellite name and orbital position, transponder number, downlink polarity, uplink frequency and downlink frequency.

Transponder brokers & resellers listing of companies that supply transponder capacity on a full-time or occasional-use basis or for outright sale.

A Comprehensive who's who in the satellite industry: Locate satellite equipment providers, support services, regulators, government agencies, and trade associations from around the globe. All listings are updated annually by the companies themselves.

Satellite product/Service locator: The buyer's guide allows you to search for vendors by product or service offered.

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